Quitting and being fired.

Arthur Abeilice
3 min readApr 1, 2022

At a certain point in life you have to ask yourself:

  • “What are my true objectives and goals?”
  • “Is this what I wanted to do ?”

Not all jobs and tasks are relatable or satisfactory. So when we are facing this type of boring or just not optimal work we should always revaluate ourselves if we are indeed doing something worthy of our time, after all, time is not refundable. So if you are missing something you should go and grab it. As the Shia LaBeouf “Just Do It” advertisement points to, you have to try, you have to do it.

In a career path you have to choose a plausible roadmap or goal, just by knowing what you want and desire in life that you will be able to set a clear path to it.

After joining a team and realising it was not what they advertised that I got into a state of unpleasantness and from time to time would always complain and keep thinking to myself into quitting. But why didn’t I quit ?

Money, wrong state of mind, I was thinking that since they’re paying correctly I should stay, because it was worth my time. Conclusion: It was not worth my time. If I quit and went into the direction I was desiring I would probably not have been fired, yes that was the outcome of this path.

Due to the constant unhappiness and disagreements in project decisions the first opportunity of having a “quick” vacation I took it. I went to Ethereum RIO ( a conference ) to study what I was really into at the time, Crypto, blockchain and smartcontract. After Returning from the conference I received an invite to a meeting and my boss wanted to resignate, or better, terminate my contract. But don’t worry I was actually happy with it. I didn’t dare to terminate it myself and wasn’t wanting to keep at the company, not organized and had too many burocracy that wasn’t taking the project anywhere.

What have I learned with it ?

First of all money matters but not as much as I was taking of, so I would say we have to try and to save a great ammount, as much as possible, because if something goes wrong we will have funds enough to create a safe net to try and get a new job in the area we want to work on. Or to have time and study something that matters to you that will set you on the path of career you want to.

Second, the time you spend studying, focused studying, is worth more than the time you spend working for someone else, you have to think in you foremost and your family then in the company, loyalty and even your boss.

So if you’re unhappy start sending resumes, save some money and then quit. Don’t waste your time on the dream of others. In the end if you don’t quit your state of mind will end up in getting you fired.

And for last but important too being fired is not that bad, that’s not your end.

And the conference was amazing.