A quick overview of job search

Arthur Abeilice
3 min readJun 16, 2022


A tunnel.
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I am only doing this text to show a diagram bellow, yes it’s all about a diagram.

After my previous post talking about being fired and quitting a job, I wanted to get a new job in Crypto or Web3 and if possible work primarily with Golang.

I joined for real the web3 environment in March of 2022 and after 86 days of search with some portfolio and networking I was able to show that I was a good developer/engineer on the crypto hub and got a job at Tally. I recorded every company that I tried to join and keep a track of the result being it no answer, rejection, interview, etc … so I could write this piece up and make a pretty diagram look bellow!

I like to make the metaphor that looking for a job is the same as trying to sell on digital marketing, you got people to see your ads, they turn into leads and you convert the lead actually selling it. But in job search you deliver resumes, make interviews and convert the lead as you get an offer or not.

If you look bellow I applied to 143 openings with mid to senior level that required a good amount of knowledge in the tech which I wanted to work with. And while I was applying I was still studying and improving my portfolio, I even got two MVP projects that I worked on as a Freelancer which I could show in my last two interviews.

I really filtered out the amount of applications made, with only the marketing sector which I wanted to work on and the technology which I wanted to use. If I made a conversion rate of around 10% actually 9,09% it is possible that without so much filters I would have been able to do more applications, then more interviews, more challenges, and even get more offers to choose from.

So my tips would be, keep trying! It’s a matter of persistence and quantity, of course the product you are selling must be good too, so keep improving too.

Learn to listen NO, not everyone want your success, you gotta do you.

Sankey Diagram:

work search Sankey diagram

made with: https://sankeymatic.com/build/

TLDR.: Looking for a job is the same as Selling, you gotta advertise, get leads and close the sell.

And I’m really happy to get this role at Tally cause it is almost exactly what I was hopping for ( as a many hats wearer, I like to do it all). So thanks Rafael and Tally team for the opportunity if you guys are reading it lol.


Procurar por um emprego é uma questão de persistência como eu já havia dito neste artigo: https://medium.com/@afa7789/trabalhando-remotamente-para-o-exterior-em-ti-como-a72f4153b6e5.

Portanto da para dizer que conseguir um emprego é o mesmo que tentar vender um produto: Você divulga um produto, consegue pessoas interessadas, conversa com elas e tenta fechar um contrato.

So que ao procurar emprego você envia curriculos, faz entrevistas e ao receber uma oferta você aceita ou rejeita a mesma. No gráfico acima é possível de se observar que eu apliquei e ou fui convidado para participar de 143 processos, e apenas de 13 deles eu consegui conversar com, que acabou se concretizando em 4 ofertas das quais 1 eu aceitei. 13 entrevistas de 143 aplicações é menos que 10% (9.09%) , mas podemos dizer que para 10 aplicações 1 você fara entrevista.

Portanto pense em quantidade e após isso qualidade se a proposta for ruim você pode sempre recusar e se você não conseguir a empresa que queria pode sempre pedir um feedback e tentar denovo ano que vem, ou semestre que vem.